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Management & energy utilization of waste and biomass

TERNA ENERGY SA has been actively involved in the waste management sector in Greece for the last years. The company has already acquired substantial and specialized expertise and technological know-how in the field, which enables it to undertake integrated waste management projects in the private and public sectors. The company aims to further intensify its acquisition of expertise and related technical skills through strategic partnerships with specialized international firms, in order to capture a sizable share in the continuously developing sector of waste management in Greece and abroad.

Furthermore, TERNA ENERGY S.A. is able to offer innovative, financially viable and efficient solutions with regard to the reduction of pollution generated by the ineffective or even non-existent management of municipal solid waste, as well as of residues or by-products of agricultural, forestall or stock breeding activities in the country. This is made possible by the company’s acquired working experience and specialized know-how obtained through its strategic partnerships. For the offered solutions, the company can guarantee the minimal possible environmental impact and the viability of the relative investments, through the generation of environmentally acceptable and valuable products. Depending on local requirements, the choice can be either the production of electric or thermal energy, or the production of bio fuels, soil conditioners, fertilizers and/or other products.

Biogas Projects & Waste Management
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The company has participated in all the big tenders released throughout Greece in the last two years, proposing integrated and optimised solutions, "project by project". Through this approach, TERNA ENERGY SA believes that it offers the State, a wide spectrum of technical, financial and socially viable solutions, coupled with the production of useful products, while complying fully with the strictest Greek and EU environmental standards.