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ISO 50001:2011

TERNA ENERGY S.A. is committed to the reduction of its energy consumption and greenhouse gases emission in its buildings and installations, aiming at sustainable development.

Target of the organization is to construct and operate technical projects and production units, protecting the environment and using energy in an efficient way. This target is going to be achieved with the establishment and implementation of energy saving measures and the establishment and implementation of an Energy Management System.

Organization’s commitment is based on the following principles:

  • On-going reduction of energy consumption and increase of energy performance, with maintaining in parallel of the projects’ quality and employees’ health and safety.
  • Design and construction of electrical energy production units from Renewable Energy Sources (RES).
  • Identification and elimination of any kind of energy waste, though the frequent review of its processes.
  • Contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gases emission, through the reduction in energy consumption.
  • Monitoring and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements related to energy.
  • Implementation and certification of an Energy Management System as per ISO 50001 standard, aiming at the continuous improvement of energy performance.
  • Establishment of targets as part of the Energy Management System implementation. Targets are reviewed annually and new or improved targets are set as a result of the review.
  • Top management works towards the provision of the necessary resources in order energy targets to be achieved.
  • Energy policy, targets, Energy Management System, actions for the achievement of targets and relevant results are communicated to all personnel. Employees receive training and are provided with information on energy saving issues, which can implement in their working environment.

    Commitment for the reduction of energy consumption and improvement of energy performance is the responsibility and target for each member of the top management and each organization employee.