Sustainable Development constitutes the driving force behind the Group’s operations and sets at its core criteria based on business ethics, environmental protection, social progress and prosperity, quality, innovation, high-end technology and expertise. TERNA ENERGY aims to ensure that its operations are aligned with the Sustainable Development principles and contribute to the national energy goals.



As part of our ongoing effort to create a positive impact in each area where we operate, strengthening local communities and building responsible social relationships is one of our top priorities.

Responsible relationships with local communities are achieved through engagement processes and collaborative efforts, with the aim of building relationships of trust with our stakeholders. Our goal is to create long term value through responsible business conduct.

Strengthening our relationships with local communities is achieved through a multi-dimensional strategy that aims to create positive impacts in the areas where we operate. As part of our approach:

• We contribute to society in practice

• We provide offset benefits

• We have an open-door policy to all citizens

• We contribute to growth and local employment

• We act responsibly for the environment and for the improvement of the quality of life of citizens

• We respect and highlight the cultural richness of the areas where we operate