Group’s operations and sets at its core criteria based on business ethics, environmental protection, social progress and prosperity, quality, innovation, high-end technology and expertise. TERNA ENERGY aims to ensure that its operations are aligned with the Sustainable Development principles and contribute to the national energy goals.



TERNA ENERGY, through the implementation of a management system as per ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 50001, ISO 37001 & ISO 37301 standards requirements for the construction and operation activities of technical projects and energy production units, is committed to:

  • the achievement in the highest degree of the interested parties’ satisfaction and the full responsiveness to the contractual requirements and to any current good practices
  • the mitigation of the impacts from its operations to the environment,
  • the reduction of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from the buildings and installations, aiming at sustainable development
  • the protection of Health & Safety of its employees
  • the implementation of the basic principles of the Code of Conduct
  • the strengthening of the company’s business principles through the personnel and contractors’ awareness on compliance, anti-bribery, anti-corruption and business relations issues.

Above commitments are based on the following principles, for which the company’s main expectation is to be adopted also from its suppliers/subcontractors:

  • Conformance to applicable legislative and other requirements
  • Environmental protection and ecosystems protection through the identification and evaluation of environmental impacts and aspects from the company’s activities
  • Prevention of environmental pollution, reduction of quantities of produced waste and assurance of their safe and environmentally correct use and disposal
  • Saving of natural resources through the re-use and recycling of materials, the purchasing of recycled materials and the use of recyclable packaging and other materials
  • Responsible use of energy, identification and elimination of any kind of energy waste, and increase of energy performance, maintaining at the same time the quality level of the projects and the employees’ health and safety.
  • Identification and elimination of risks, through the implementation of proper protective measures.
  • Provision of safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of labor accidents and diseases.
  • Employees’ consultation and participation for Health and Safety issues and proper use of the information received for the improvement of the system and the limitation of the risk.
  • Provision of proper training for quality, environmental protection, energy saving, occupational health and safety and compliance.
  • Protection of the employees and the community in which it operates, through the implementation of safe technologies and operational procedures.
  • Cooperation with approved suppliers and subcontractors
  • Protection of the employees and the community in which it operates, through the implementation of safe technologies and operational procedures.
  • Cooperation with approved suppliers and subcontractors, as per Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety and Energy and compliance criteria.
  • Encouragement of company’s partners (suppliers, subcontractors, customers) to adopt proper environmental practices and strengthen their environmental consciousness.
  • Protection of ancient monuments, cultural heritage, animal and plant life, through the adoption of methods and technologies that are environmentally friendly.
  • Continuous improvement of the implemented Management System.
  • Setting of targets and monitoring of their achievement.
  • Provision from the top management of all the required resources, in order the achievement of targets to be feasible.
  • Reporting and management of complaints and development of individual policies and procedures that support the implementation of the Code of Conduct as well as the anti-corruption and compliance management systems.

Company’s management considers that compliance with law and regulations, quality, environmental protection, energy performance improvement, employees’ health and safety, as well as compliance with the Code of Conduct is everyone’s obligation and is therefore committed to the cooperation with all interested parties and the implementation of every possible measure towards this direction.

Relevant certifications:

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

ISO 45001

ISO 50001

ISO 37001

ISO 19600

ISO 37301:2021