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The Company’s share capital, as a result of the reduction of the own shares of the Company, from 12/12/2020 amounts to Thirty Four Million Seven Hundred Fifty Six Thousand Five Hundred Twenty Seven Euros (34,756,527 €) and is divided into one hundred and fifteen million eight hundred fifty five thousand and ninety (115,855,090) common registered voting shares, with a nominal value of thirty cents of a euro (0.30 €) each.
The Company’s shares are listed and traded on the Main Market of the Athens Exchange.

Each share bears all the rights and obligations defined by the Law and the Articles of Association of the Company. Furthermore:

  • There are no restrictions on the transfer of the Company’s shares, arising from its Articles of Association.
  • There are no shares that provide special control rights.
  • The Company’s Articles of Association do not provide for any restrictions on the shares’ voting rights.