Sustainable Development constitutes the driving force behind the Group’s operations and sets at its core criteria based on business ethics, environmental protection, social progress and prosperity, quality, innovation, high-end technology and expertise. TERNA ENERGY aims to ensure that its operations are aligned with the Sustainable Development principles and contribute to the national energy goals.


  • Protection and conservation of biodiversity

The protection of natural capital and species living in the areas where we operate, constitute material components of TERNA ENERGY’s course to sustainable development. The approach we follow during the implementation of each project is based on the precautionary principle and allows us to minimize our impacts on biodiversity. In addition, in the context of responsibly managing the impacts that may result from our business activities to biodiversity, we intend to adopt methods and technologies with a view to protecting natural ecosystems and the biological wealth of the areas our activity.

  • Environmental compliance

At TERNA ENERGY, we closely monitor developments related to environmental management at a global, European and national level, while ensuring that all relevant regulatory frameworks and requirements are implemented to secure our business continuity with the minimum environmental footprint. In this manner, we apply environmentally responsible practices that minimize negative impacts and maximize our projects’ quality implementation and operation. In this regard, we believe that implementing an integrated Environmental Management System is a necessary condition for properly assessing, monitoring and mitigating adverse environmental impacts. Our EMS covers all our activities and is regularly reviewed to ensure it remains updated, operational and efficient in protecting the environment.

  • Responsible waste management

In line with the Circular Economy principles, we act for the best possible utilization of waste generated from our operations. This waste is often transformed into a valuable source of raw materials for new projects or for meeting existing needs. At the same time, waste that cannot be used directly to meet our needs for raw materials is being recycled by licensed partners who convert it into new valuable recyclable materials through their appropriate treatment. While recognizing the importance of responsible waste management at a corporate, national and global level, we have adapted our business strategy to mitigate the problem of waste management, trying to constantly improve our environmental footprint and invest in the development of advanced waste management facilities

  • Tackling climate change

At TERNA ENERGY Group, we are committed to reducing our energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions generated from our buildings and facilities. At the same time, our activity in electricity generation from RES and waste management is focused on tackling climate change. In particular, electricity production from RES contributes to reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, the alleviation of the greenhouse effect and thereby the mitigation from associated impacts. It is worth noting that TERNA ENERGY is, and haw been, the largest investor in the RES Market in Greece whilst at the same time, the largest Greek RES Group internationally.