Sustainable Development constitutes the driving force behind the Group’s operations and sets at its core criteria based on business ethics, environmental protection, social progress and prosperity, quality, innovation, high-end technology and expertise. TERNA ENERGY aims to ensure that its operations are aligned with the Sustainable Development principles and contribute to the national energy goals.



Our commitment to acting as a responsible social and business partner is reflected in the company’s strategy, which is aligned with all our goals and actions for Sustainable Development. Commencing from our business operations and proceeding with targeted actions for the society and the environment, we support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and work to create the greatest possible value.

The company’s priority is to combat climate change through:

  • The increase of its clean energy production in Greece and abroad.
  • Its operations in a wide range of technological applications.
  • The prevention of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.

The following areas are of paramount importance:

  • Business excellence based on transparency and ethics.
  • Promoting Sustainable Development and fostering a clean energy culture.
  • Promoting innovative solutions, technical know-how and scientific research.
  • Ensuring high quality through the application of effective solutions and best practices.
  • Fostering the Health and Safety of employees and partners.
  • Employee development.
  • Achieving the maximum benefit for all stakeholders.
  • Maintaining meaningful and ongoing communication with all stakeholders.
  • Developing and implementing programs and actions that contribute to the achievement of social prosperity and cohesion.