Sustainable Development constitutes the driving force behind the Group’s operations and sets at its core criteria based on business ethics, environmental protection, social progress and prosperity, quality, innovation, high-end technology and expertise. TERNA ENERGY aims to ensure that its operations are aligned with the Sustainable Development principles and contribute to the national energy goals.



Continuous contribution to society

Our active role in local communities is perceived through our social contribution. Such are the development of infrastructure projects that improve the daily lives of citizens but also the actual support we provide to local schools, local authorities and bodies, local cultural and sports clubs, universities and individual students, NGOs and health centers. Through these actions and initiatives, we strengthen the social structures and the work of local authorities, we promote the education and training of young people, we highlight the cultural heritage of each region, we cultivate the environmental awareness of citizens and we promote sports, the good health and well-being of citizens.

During the year 2022, the Group’s social contribution through sponsorships, donations and infrastructure projects amounted to 3,66 million euros.

Part of TERNA ENERGY’s revenues is converted into social benefit, either directly or indirectly in infrastructure projects that meet local community needs and improve everyday life. In 2022, this amount was close to 6 million euros corresponding to 3% of the gross revenues from the operation of the projects. Also in 2022, the Group continued to monitor its environmental footprint by applying the relevant environmental impact studies to all its construction projects while conducting consultations and public information programs, where this was required during the implementation of the projects

Respect and promotion of the cultural wealth of the areas we operate in

TERNA ENERGY operates in a balanced manner with clear reference to the three pillars of Sustainable Development, namely the environment, the economy and society. Realizing RES projects is one of the Sustainable Development parameters with an impact on the environment and ecology. Over and above the company’s contractual obligations for preserving antiquities within each project’s territory, TERNA ENERGY is active in the wider area of its projects with the aim to promote and highlight the cultural heritage (man-made environment). Recognizing the essential and constituent role of culture as a primary factor in developing the economy and society, the company develops a broad sponsorship program.