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Distribution of profits and reserves of the Company

The company “TERNA ENERGY S.A.” informs the investors, in compliance with clause of the Athens Stock Exchange Regulation, that the Company’s Extraordinary General Meeting held on December 14, 2021, approved the distribution of profits and reserves according to article 48 of law 4172 /2013 of the Company, of the financial years up to 31.12.2020, in accordance with article 162 par. 3 of law 4548/2018, of a total amount of EUR 19,695,365.30, i.e. an amount of EUR 0.1700000 per share and authorized the Board of Directors to determine the details for the implementation of the said decision and within its limits, and more specifically to determine the beneficiaries of this cash distribution, the “ex-dividend” date, the payment date as well as any other relevant matter. This distribution is subject to withholding tax of 5%, in accordance with the provisions of article 24 of Law 4646/2019 and the net payable amount per share is 0.1615000 euros. The amount will be increased, with the corresponding dividend of the 221,500 own shares, held by the Company. Thus Shareholders will receive a total amount of 0.170325641 euros per share while the net payable amount per share is 0.161809359 euros.

The Board of Directors of the Company, during its meeting, determined the further terms of the distribution to the Shareholders, as they are described below:

Beneficiaries of the said distribution are the shareholders who are registered in the D.S.S. of the Company on Tuesday, December 21, 2021 (record date). As of Monday, December 20, 2021 (ex‐dividend date) the Company’s shares will be traded in the Athens Stock Exchange without the right to receive such distribution.

Payment shall commence, in accordance with the provisions of the Athens Stock Exchange Regulation, on Monday December 27, 2021 and shall be effected by “ALPHA BANK” as follows:

  1. Το the operators of the shareholders’ shares (custodians ‐ brokers) if such a right has been granted to them.
  2. To the Shareholders themselves, who do not wish the collection of the amounts through their operators, as follows:
    • By deposit in a Bank Account, if the Shareholders have stated that they wish to collect the distributed amounts in an account held at Alpha Bank.
    • Upon their arrival at the Bank’s Branch Network, with the presentation of the Identity Card and the presentation of the printing of the D.S.S data or to legally authorized persons by presenting the authenticity of the signature of the beneficiary Shareholder.

After 14-12‐2022 payment shall be made only in the offices of the Company, at 85, Messogion Ave., 11526, Athens. There is a prescription period of 5 years, after which the Hellenic State becomes beneficiary. For more information, Investors can contact the Investor Relations Department.