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Donation of medical equipment and materials to the Greek National Health System

In support of the national effort to address the ongoing public health crisis, GEK TERNA and TERNA ENERGY Groups decided, after continuous communication with the Ministry of Health and with Hospital Administrations in various areas of the country, to purchase machinery and materials necessary to facilitate their work.
In this context, the following materials and machinery were purchased:

  • Full equipment for the operation of eight (8) ICU (intensive care unit) beds at “Attikon” Hospital, to meet the needs of the Intensive Care Unit of the University Hospital. The equipment includes eight (8) respirators (one of which is portable for ICU flexibility and transport), nine (9) state-of-the-art monitors (one of which is portable for ICU flexibility and transport), one central monitoring station (for up to 16 monitors) and 18 syringe infusion pumps.
  • Uniforms, masks, antiseptics etc. and other essential supplies for “Evangelismos Hospital” for the protection of the medical and nursing staff of the hospital (jointly with HERON).
  • Respirators, medical equipment, consumables and kiosks (first reception areas for possible medical occurrences) in regional hospitals (Ioannina, Serres and “Bodosakeio” Ptolemais).
    Handling this unprecedented crisis in the best possible manner as well as ensuring the smallest possible loss of life, is crucial and no one can be absent from it. We continue to stay in contact with the competent authorities in order to assist their work in any way we can.