Through new investments of more than € 1,5bn, TERNA ENERGY is steadily advancing towards the goal of 2MW RES installations both in Greece and abroad


Quality Policy

TERNA ENERGY is committed to the achievement of Maximum Customer Satisfaction and to the full responsiveness to the contractual requirements and to any current good practices that arise from science and art.

Our goals are:

Construction of technical works

  • Completion of projects within the required timeframe, as part of the contractual obligations or within the schedules predefined by the organization.
  • Incorporation and enrichment of the organization’s know-how
  • Research and utilization of new activities related to the organization’s scope.
  • Continuous improvement of our efficiency.

Construction and operation of power plants

  • Optimization of construction time and costs
  • Optimization of the monitoring methods and operation of each plant
  • Continuous improvement of the efficiency of each plant

Construction Design of new power plants

  • Proper technical and economical design of the plants
  • Design of the plants at the lowest cost and maximum quality and quantity of produced energy

Our goals are achieved by the existence and fulfillment of the following conditions:

  • Detailed design of the company’s activities
  • Availability of experienced and active staff
  • Confirmation that the employees of the company understand the client’s requirements
  • Renewal and continuous maintenance of the Mechanical Equipment
  • Monitoring of market requirements and technological developments
  • Transfer of know-how to and from each project via an organized communication system
  • Continuous improvement of TERNA ENERGY’s quality management system following the market requirements and the experience gained from the projects
  • Careful assessment of suppliers and subcontractors
  • Training of company’s employees