Through new investments of € 2 billion TERNA ENERGY is steadily advancing to reach the 3,000 MW target of RES installations in Greece and abroad by 2025.



The first wind park entered into operation in 2000, with an installed capacity of 11.22 MW. In the following years, the installed capacity of our wind parks increased rapidly as we continued to expand our wind park portfolio in Greece.

In 2004, we began exploring opportunities in RES markets abroad, identifying suitable sites for wind projects principally in the Balkans, and then in Central Europe in 2005.

We began diversifying into different RES segments by starting the construction of the first two small hydroelectric plants in 2006.

In 2007 following an IPO, the company was listed in the Athens Stock Exchange.

Since 2011 TERNA ENERGY has been operating wind farms in Poland, Bulgaria and USA.

Το 2014 The company signs a PPP contract for the Athens e-ticket.

Το 2016 The company launches the wind farm on Aghios Georgios Island, the first onshore wind park in Greece with features resembling those of an offshore wind farm.

Το 2017 The company signs a PPP contract for the Epirus Waste Management project.

Το 2018 TERNA ENERGY exceeds the 1GW RES installed capacity milestone in Greece and abroad.

Το 2019 2019TERNA ENEGY exceeds the 1,5GW RES installed capacity milestone in Greece and abroad