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Message to the Employees of GEK TERNA Group

Dear Colleagues,

First of all, I would sincerely like to thank you for your dedication and responsibility during this extremely critical time, allowing usto continue to operate as a Group under the highest possible safety conditions for all of us but also for our clients and partners.

Strict adherence to the recommendations of the State by all of us and ensuring that we continue the operation of our business as smoothly as possible constitutes an individual duty that we need to perform. This way we can contribute to the national effort needed in order to mitigate the consequences of the current crisis, both at the level of public health and that of the economy.

The safety and health of our employees and our partners around the world has been our priority since our Group’s establishment. Especially in light of the recent, unprecedented challenges, we are doing everything humanly possible, even beyond the framework set by the State, to ensure the highest possible level of safety for all, and especially for our most vulnerable colleagues and associates. In this context, in addition to the measures recommended by the authorities, we have taken measures for the safe repatriation of our executives wherever required, and special care has been taken to drastically restrict travel to absolutely necessary, while we have also canceled meetings and / or events that require physical presence, as we make use of all possibilities that technology offers

At the same time, as part of our Group’s Business Continuity Plan, we have already implemented a remote work program for a significant number of employees and rotational work for those who need to be at the Group’s premises. Particular care is given to parents of underaged children and to those who need special care. Extremely strict operating rules have been adopted at all our locations in Greece and abroad, to ensure the highest possible level of safety for all, while being in continued contact with all relevant bodies and authorities. At this point I would like to specifically refer to our thousands of people who work at all Group construction sites in Greece and abroad and assure them that their health and safety remains our top priority, by strictly following the guidelines of the local and national authorities.

We must not forget however, that our Group is also a key pillar of economic development, job creation and of support to the Greek economy. Thus, we have the obligation to respond to this challenge as best we can, for the benefit of our employees, our partners, our shareholders and our country. And that is what we will continue to do even under these circumstances

Only a few days ago, we announced the expansion of our investment program by 550 million Euros in RES (Renewable Energy Sources), and we continue to implement our planned investments in all areas of our business (infrastructure, energy, environment, etc.). Our investment program in infrastructure and energy exceeds 3 billion Euros and we will do everything we can to implement it as seamlessly as possible

Once the public health crisis is over, we will all be called upon to outdo ourselves, putting strong and sustained effort, even greater than usual so as to contain the financial impact of the crisis. It is our responsibility to prepare now for a dynamic restart of the Greek economy, which only just began to recover from the painful effects of the previous long-lasting crisis. It takes vigilance, preparation, and alertness from everyone!

Our country needs us once more and therefore we are again present at the forefront. We did it all together during the ten years of the financial crisis, from which we came out winners. We will continue to do the same in this new challenge, from which I hope and wish we all come out victorious again, always keeping safety and health a top priority for all.

Thank you,

George Peristeris

Chairman & CEO of GEK TERNA Group