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TERNA ENERGY: Commencement of construction works for the conversion of the 115th Combat Wing in Souda into a “green” installation

  • € 3.5 million donation from TERNA ENERGY to the country’s Armed Forces
  • The project will be completed in 15 months
  • Average benefit of over € 400,000 for the Unit

The important donation of TERNA ENERGY to the country’s Armed Forces, which concerns the conversion of the airport of the 115th Combat Wing (CW) in Souda into a “green” installation, i.e. a Zero Carbon Footprint installation (Net Zero Carbon Emissions Airport) with parallel coverage of all needs for electricity, heating and cooling by 100% from Renewable Energy Sources (Net Zero Energy Airport).

After completing the required procedures and obtaining the necessary approvals, construction works will begin on the military airport facilities and are expected to be completed within 15 months.

The annual benefit of fully discharging the Unit from the cost of electricity supply and heating needs will exceed € 400,000.

It is worth noting that the military airport in Souda will be one of the first installations in the world to receive the certification “Net Zero Energy Airport”.

What does the donation includes

TERNA ENERGY will fully cover the cost of the studies, planning and construction of all required projects.

Specifically, the proposal of TERNA ENERGY provides:

  • The installation of a photovoltaic system for the production of electricity from Renewable Energy Sources
  • The installation of energy storage system with lithium ion batteries
  • “Smart” energy management system for the production and consumption of energy and for the plant facilities of the unit, so that its Administration can manage all energy needs in the most secure and efficient way
  • Interventions and upgrades to already installed systems, such as replacement of existing heating boilers with heat pumps, installation of solar water heaters, supply of electric tricycles for professional use, replacement of iodine type luminaires with new LED technology products and electrification of intra-airport transport, the selection of which as well as the scope of their application will be determined through the energy audit of the plant facilities and the final energy study of the project    
  • Certification concerning the reduction of the Carbon Footprint of the Installation in accordance to the Green House Gas Protocol (GHGP) and ISO 14064
  • Certification of 115 Battle Wing as Net Zero Energy Military Airport

For the implementation of the necessary projects, TERNA ENERGY will work with the specialized company EASY POWER S.A., which has designed, studied and manufactured self / hybrid systems for power generation and distribution, produced by the sun – which has been awarded a patent by the OBI – but also the formation of a technology platform that can ensure certification of NET ZERO ENERGY, in existing or under construction building infrastructures or installations.

Upon project’s completion, TERNA ENERGY will undertake the training of the appropriate technical staff of the Air Force for the needs of operational administration, monitoring and maintenance of the entire system.

TERNA ENERGY is the largest investor in the RES sector in Greece and the biggest Greek company in the sector worldwide. With a strong portfolio of more than 1,800 MW in operation, under construction or ready for construction in Greece and abroad, TERNA ENERGY is steadily advancing to reach the 3,000 MW target of RES facilities by the year 2025.