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TERNA ENERGY: “Integrated Waste Management of the Region of Peloponnese” Initiation of the Construction Phase

  • The 152m euro investment is launched
  • 600 new jobs during the construction and 200 permanent jobs during operation period
  • The largest PPP waste management project in the country; will permanently solve the major problem of waste in the Peloponnese

The Public Private Sector Partnership (PPP) project “Integrated Waste Management of Peloponnese Region”, between the “Perivallontiki of Peloponnese”, subsidiary of TERNA ENERGY Group, and the Region of Peloponnese, commenced today. The pertinent agreements were signed by the Peloponnese Regional Governor Mr. Panagiotis Nikas, the CEO of TERNA ENERGY Mr. Manolis Maragoudakis and the CEO of the Perivallontiki of Peloponnese, Mr. George Agrafiotis.

The project is the largest PPP on waste management in the country and for the most part implements the Waste Management Regional Plan of the Peloponnese Region while also operating alongside local recycling programs of municipalities.

On the occasion of the project launch, Mr. Manolis Maragoudakis, stated: “TERNA ENERGY leads the green – circular economy industry by constantly introducing new technologies, helping to protect the environment and improving the quality of life. We aspire this project to be the best, most efficient and cost-effective PPP project for our society as a whole and at the same time to constitute a pole of attraction for the education of students and pupils. I want to assure both the government officials who honour us with their presence today, as well as the citizens of the Peloponnese Region, that our company has the expertise, experience, financial capacity and above all the will and culture to carry out and manage turn-key projects that are completed on time. Lastly, since PPPs by definition presuppose excellent cooperation between the Contracting Authority and the Contractor, let me wish for a fruitful cooperation.”

On behalf of the Private Partnership entity, Mr. George Agrafiotis, stated: “As of tomorrow we begin to realise the contract and in due time will deliver the project that aims to effectively address the waste issue in the Peloponnese Region for many years. The project, now having full social support, as expressed by the citizens’ institutional representatives, will effectively contribute to both the protection of the environment and the economic development of the Region. The people of Peloponnese region have already enjoyed a foretaste of the end result from the related project of TERNA ENERGY in Epirus, the awarded infrastructure project of 2018. They can be certain that this project will be superior. We employ cutting-edge technology to address issues with technical perfection but also by bringing environmental and economic benefits for people and the region. With this project, the Peloponnese Region enters the era of properly managing waste by employing current circular economy practices. Best of luck to all!”

The partnership agreement provides for  the construction and operation of three (3) Waste Processing Units and an equal number of sanitary Landfill Sites for the process residue in the prefectures of Arcadia, Messinia and Lakonia, as well as of two (2) Waste Transfer Stations in Korinthia and Argolida. The project is designed to generate green energy, making it an environmentally-friendly infrastructure with a zero energy footprint. It is also expected to reduce waste management costs for the local municipalities while also eliminating levied fines.

The agreement’s total duration is 28 years and comprises a 24-month construction period and a 26-year operation period. It is worth noting that as of the 10th month after the effective date of the agreement, the company will start operating the intermediate waste management facilities.

The investment is estimated to reach 152 million euro, 62.5 of which derive from NSRF (National Strategic Reference Framework) funding.

The project’s plan provides for the creation of 600 new jobs during construction, 200 working positions during the operation period, as well as a large number of parallel jobs.

Integrated waste management ensures compliance with current national and European legislation, advances environmental protection and leads to significant improvement in the quality of life and sanitary conditions. The project’s realisation with cutting-edge technology will address the environmental issue of the Peloponnese Region and produce benefits for the Tourism industry, Education and Sustainable Agriculture, a strategic objective for Greece.