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The Integrated Waste Management has commenced in Laconia

In the presence of the Minister of Environment and Energy and the Deputy Regional Governor of Peloponnese

The Waste Management Unit (WMU) in Skala Laconia is now fully operational, marking another milestone for the Integrated Waste Management project in the Peloponnese Region.

At a special event held today at the WPU of Laconia, the political leadership of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, the Peloponnese Region, and representatives of the local community and media had the opportunity to tour the state-of-the-art facilities of the Unit and to observe all stages of the integrated waste management now taking place in Laconia.

Among the numerous advantages of the new unit, it is worth mentioning that the Sanitary Landfill Site (SLS) is located near the facility, allowing for the minimization of waste and residue transportation.

It is reminded that integrated waste management has already commenced at Palaiochouni Unit in Arcadia, while integrated waste management at Kalliroi Unit in Messinia is expected to commence within 2024.

Overall, this constitutes an investment of 167 million euros (70 million euros funded by ESPA), which includes 3 Waste Processing Units (WPUs), 3 Sanitary Landfill Sites (SLSs), 2 Transfer Stations (WTSs)and is developed in 3 Subsection – Management Units of the Peloponnese Region. Specifically, the WPUs-SLSs are located in Arcadia, Messinia, and Laconia, while WTSs are in Corinthia and Argolis. This ensures that waste collection occurs within a distance of less than 50 kilometers from the regional capitals, minimizing the transportation needs from the municipalities.

In the context of this project, 200 permanent jobs are anticipated during the operational period, i.e., almost for the next 30 years, without taking into account the stimulation of indirect employment from the operation of the project in the area (transportation, trade of recyclables, etc.).

In the short operating period of the project, the Peloponnese Region has been permanently relieved from the European fines related to past illegal practices. Additionally, the use of cutting-edge technology manages to offer the lowest operating cost among all similar waste management facilities in the country, a cost that will become even lower when the network of Waste Transfer Stations (WTSs) is completed by FODSA, offering significant savings to the citizens of the Peloponnese.

By implementing an investment of €167 million (€70 million funded by ESPA), the Region of the Peloponnese is entering the era of circular economy, recovering and utilizing over 80% of biodegradable materials, recycling high-quality recyclables, diverting at least 50,000 tons of liquid waste from landfills, and generating green energy to meet the needs of 6,000 households, while simultaneously avoiding the emission of 24,000 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

The Minister of Environment and Energy, Mr. Thodoros Skylakakis, stated: “With the operation of the Waste Processing Unit in Skala Laconia, another step is taken towards the Integrated Waste Management of the Peloponnese Region. This significant Waste Management Facility yields multiple benefits, especially for the local community. Through the utilization of biodegradable materials, high-quality recyclable materials are recovered, green energy is produced for the needs of 6,000 households, carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere are reduced, permanent job positions are created, and more. It is a priority for the State to implement more projects with these characteristics. Projects which have at their core initiatives for environmental protection and boost the economy”.

The Deputy Regional Governor of Peloponnese, Mr. Christos Lampropoulos, stated: “It is a great achievement to combine state-of-the-art technology with the skills, experiences and abilities of the Greek technical world, as well as the cooperation of the region with one of the largest companies in our country. We succeeded in creating a project which will be a legacy for future generations. We will continue to strengthen with our participation and human resources all the efforts, which, like this partnership, will lead us to development, the creation of new jobs and improve the standard of living for the people of the Peloponnese”.

The General Secretary for Waste Management Coordination, Mr. Emmanouil Grafakos, stated: “For the last four and a half years, we have been methodically creating a network of waste processing units like the one in Laconia. These units will help us to achieve the goals for recycling and burial at the level of the European Union, to become pioneers by 2030. At the same time, we rid the country of illegal landfills which in the case of Peloponnese had significant environmental effects and we free the Greek taxpayers from the shameful fines of the European Union”.

The President of FODSA (Waste Management Authority of the Peloponnese), Mr. Yiannis Smyrniotis, stated: “The second significant step for the Peloponnesian Region, a model in waste management, is being taken today with the official launch of the WPUs-SLSs of Unit 3 in the Municipality of Eurotas, Laconia. The Peloponnese Region, with absolute certainty, will be the cleanest area in Greece in a few months. FODSA Peloponnese, representing the highest level of local government, will play a leading role in making Circular Economy and Green Entrepreneurship the pillars of Sustainable Development in the next five years. Anticipating the continuation of fruitful collaboration with all European, National, and Regional bodies, the collaboration that has brought this result in waste management, transforming our region from a laggard to a pioneer, we are confident that the Peloponnese – a region that possesses overwhelmingly advantages not only at the Greek but also at the European level – will soon take the position it deserves”.

The Deputy CEO of TERNA ENERGY, Mr. George Agrafiotis, stated: “Remaining faithful to our commitments, we have achieved yet another significant milestone in the project of integrated waste management in the Peloponnese Region. By leveraging the expertise, we have developed and our ability to design, finance, construct, and operate waste management projects, we contribute significantly to the prosperity of the Peloponnese, safeguarding the health of residents and visitors, the unique natural environment of the area, enhancing its tourism product, and boosting the economy and employment. We are proud that TERNA ENERGY once again rises to the occasion, fully implementing what it has promised”.