OASA: Advanced applications with multiple benefits for the traveling public


A pilot application for the use of bank cards regarding boarding on public transport

A new era in the provided transportation services to the general public is being introduced by the Athens Public Transport, with the signing of a contract between OASA and the contractor HST A.E., a member of the TERNA ENERGY Group, for the technological upgrade of the Automatic Fare Collection System (AFCS).

The new upgrades to the AFCS allow the use of bank cards and mobile devices (phones, etc.) for journeys on Public Transport Modes under the jurisdiction of OASA (Metro, Tram, Buses, Trolleys), they also provide the system with the capability to support Mobility as a Service (MaaS), enabling integration with mobility partners’ applications such as taxis, electric bike rentals, airlines, and maritime companies, etc.

Specifically, the alternative option of using contactless bank cards for each boarding on Public Transport Modes (buses, trolleys, metro, tram) constitutes a decisive step in upgrading the services of the Athens Public Transport, with significant benefits in serving the commuting public. Passengers, in addition to the ATH.ENA Ticket or ATH.ENA Card, will be able to use a bank card, even if integrated, through a mobile app on their phone.

The immediate benefits for the passenger

With the implementation of using bank cards for boarding on Public Transport Modes (PTMs) are as follows:

Phase A of the implementation will be applied to the vehicles of the Airport Express Bus Lines until the end of March 2024, while the complete set of applications will be available to passengers by the end of the year 2024.

The implementation of the new applications falls within the broader initiatives of the OASA Group in collaboration with HST AE, aiming to provide high-level services with domestic added value. The creation of an integrated and accessible transportation system, through the adoption of modern and innovative technologies that enhance the provided transportation services, aims to better serve the residents and improve the travel experience of visitors in the Attica region.

The CEO of OASA, Mr. George Spiliopoulos, emphasized: “OASA, with the technological upgrade of the Automatic Fare Collection System (AFCS), joins the European metropolitan public transportation authorities (such as London, Lisbon, Brussels, etc.) that have implemented best practices of smart cities. The new advanced application of contactless transactions for every boarding on OASA’s jurisdictional Public Transport Modes significantly enhances the passengers’ experience, as ticket issuance will no longer be required, contributing positively to the environmental footprint of the Organization.”

The CEO of HST AE, Dr. Alexandros Karyotakis, stated: “In an era of rapid technological advancement, the direction towards digital innovation with domestic added value is a strategic choice for HST and TERNA ENERGY. Since 2014, we have actively participated in a high-tech project, contributing to the digital transformation of Athens’ urban transportation.

With the technological upgrade of the existing system to one of the most modern and “open” fare collection systems at a European level, the spectrum of transportation options is expanded, enhancing the quality and level of service offered to passengers who use the urban transportation of Attica on a daily basis.”