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Announcement – Denial of press report

TERNA ENERGY S.A. categorically denies its intention to implement a share capital increase as this has been presented in a new ”fictional” scenario circulated by the press.

Moreover, and in continuation of a similar report published on Friday, October 13, 2023, we note that a specific “informative” website is constantly attempting – for reasons that even the most naive can comprehend – to create false impressions and disorientate the investment community, circulating almost daily non-existent rumours and non-existent “news”.

We call on our shareholders and the investment community to ignore the lies being peddled. We also call on the competent authorities to intervene within their powers to protect the investment community.

The companies of our Group, as they have systematically and unwaveringly done in the past, will continue to reliably and responsibly inform the investment community and will take appropriate actions to protect our shareholders and our 7,000 employees.