Hybrid Projects



In the field of hybrid RES projects, TERNA ENERGY is leading the way with the largest hybrid project in Europe that will combine wind energy and pumped storage, with a total installed capacity of 153 MW in Amari, Crete.

The largest hybrid project in Europe and the first of its size and characteristics in Greece, the Hydro Pumped Storage in Amari, Crete, is a model green investment of strategic importance that creates 1,000 new jobs during the construction of the project and at least 100 during operation period.

It was not random that the Amari region was selected for the largest hybrid clean energy project in Europe. The site has a unique geophysical terrain that renders it ideal for the station’s development. The area’s mountains with quite an altitude difference, lakes, rivers and reservoirs, coupled with the sun and the wind originating from Sitia’s mountaintops, offer comparative advantages to help Crete play a leading role in the Greek revolution of clean energy, supported by the innovative and environmentally-friendly technology developed by TERNA ENERGY.

The hybrid station is based on the energy utilisation of the Potamoi dam and combines energy produced by two wind farms with an installed capacity of 89.1 MW in the prefecture of Lassithi; a hydroelectric power plant with a capacity of up to 93 MW; and a pump complex of a 140 MW capacity. In this way, a guaranteed 227 MW power in Crete’s system is ensured, covering a significant part of the island’s needs. An equal amount of energy produced by polluting stations that use oil as fuel is thus avoided. In addition, during peak hours, the average production cost of the interconnected system is reduced. Therefore, we can easily claim that the station contributes significantly to battling climate change.

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