Pumped Storage Projects



TERNA ENERGY has submitted applications for production licenses for more than 2.400 ΜW of pumped storage projects in various parts of Greece and has received production licences for a project of a total generation capacity of 680 MW in the Municipality of Amfilochia, Prefecture of Aitoloakarnania. 

Project of Common Interest (PCI)

As of October 2013 the European Commission has adopted a list of 248 key energy infrastructure projects under the new guidelines for trans-European energy infrastructure. These projects contribute to market integration, enhance security of supply and reduce CO2 emissions. Carrying the label “Projects of Common Interest” (PCI) they benefit from faster and more efficient permit granting procedures and improved regulatory treatment. The list of PCIs is updated every two years.

The PCI 3.24 “Pumped storage complex with two independent upper reservoirs: Ag. Georgios and Pyrgos” is located in the Municipality of Amfilochia, Prefecture of Aitoloakarnania, Central Greece. 

It consists of two separate upper reservoirs, “Agios Georgios” and “Pyrgos”, and a common lower reservoir, the existing Kastraki Lake (PPC ownership). The electromechanical equipment will be installed in two independent powerhouses, located on the north-eastern bank of Kastraki Lake. (video)

The purpose of the Project is energy storing to assist renewable sources integration. The excess wind, photovoltaic or thermal energy will be hydraulically stored, through water pumping from the lower to the upper reservoirs, during the low load consumption or in renewable overproduction periods. Subsequently, energy will be recovered via turbine mode, during the peak load hours. The Project’ s main technical characteristics are:

A. “Agios Georgios”, with effective storage capacity ~ 5 x 106 m3. 

     Installed power (turbine mode): 460MW (4 reversible units)

     Installed power (pumping mode): 496 MW

Β. “Pyrgos”, with effective storage capacity ~ 2 x 106 m3.

     Installed power(turbine mode): 220 MW (2 reversible units)

     Installed power (pumping mode): 234 MW

The project has obtained production license by the Regulatory Authority of Energy (RAE) and the temporary interconnection terms offer, from the Independent Power Transmission Operator (IPTO), while all the project’s studies have been completed since December 2016, with co-financing by the European Funding “Connecting Europe Facility (CEF)”.

For more information, please visit: www.hps-amfilochia.gr

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