TERNA ENERGY: Respect and promotion of cultural wealth


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In the context of the company’s sponsoring initiatives, TERNA ENERGY proceeds into actions in order to protect and promote cultural findings in the areas of its business activities as well as to support innovative research.

The history of human evolution is hidden behind every stone and every object. Especially in the case of Greece, the country itself is a vast archaeological site full of findings and monuments which add to the already rich cultural heritage and enrich the archaeological map.

Recognizing the essential role of culture in the development of both the economy and society, TERNA ENERGY consistently supports actions to preserve, reveal and promote the cultural wealth and heritage throughout Greece.

Support of underwater archaeological research in Kasos

From the underwater archaeological research in Kasos.

TERNA ENERGY supports, for second year, the underwater archaeological excavation research carried out in the maritime area of Kasos by the Authority of Marine Antiquities of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, in collaboration with the Historical Research Institute of the National Research Foundation. The research has already brought to light particularly important findings of the rich marine cultural heritage and history of Kasos.

Reinforcement of the systematic research program for the excavation of the Mycenaean acropolis of Gla, Voiotia

A 5-year archaeological program of systematic surface, geophysical and excavation research has been underway since 2018 at the Mycenaean acropolis of Gla, Voiotia. This is a pivotal excavation that contributes to the further study and understanding of Mycenaean civilization in the region. TERNA ENERGY supported the above program during the current year.

The Mycenaean acropolis of Gla, Voiotia.

Preparation of archaeological studies in areas where the company operates in Evia

“Rizokastro” of Aliveri is a Byzantine castle that stands on a projecting mountain south of the gulf of Aliveri with a supervisory character. The continuous use of this space starting in the Middle Ages and up to the present day is evidenced by the scattered architectural remains and the additions made to the monument which are preserved to this day. TERNA ENERGY, in collaboration with the respective Authority of Antiquities of Evia, took the initiative to prepare a study for the foundation support and revelation of the ancient castle “Rizokastro”.