Wind Energy



TERNA ENERGY’s installed capacity of wind farms in Greece, Central and Eastern Europe amounts to 866 MW.

Regarding its projects that are currently under construction, the flagship of TERNA Energy in wind farms is Kafireas project in Evia. With a total installed capacity of 330 MW, Kafireas will be the largest wind farm in Greece. It is expected to enter partial operation by end of 2022-start of 2023.

Also, additional wind projects with total capacity of more than 2,200 MW  are in the phase of licensing maturity. At the same time we have been active in offshore wind parks, where we plan, in joint venture with OCEAN WINDS, to develop projects in the Greek seas.

Fun fact: In 2021, through TERNA ENERGY’s the wind farms in Greece, Bulgaria and Poland, 2,202,323 MWh of clean energy were produced. That number corresponds to the amount of energy that is consumed by more than half a million households.

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